The Ultimate Collector Book Series: Volume 5 – Press Release

VOLUME 5 – HISTORY 1995 – 2000

For Immediate Release
January 13, 2015 | London, UK

Sixteen 11 is pleased to announce the release of ‘The Ultimate Collector Book Series – Volume 5, the first instalment in a series of collector’s reference guides focusing on the merchandise of legendary pop icon, Michael Jackson. Released in January 2015; Volume 5 charts collectables and memorabilia from the years of 1995 – 2000, universally known as ‘The HIStory era’ which began upon the release of Jackson’s 9th solo album, History – Past, Present and Future, Book 1.

With the aid of collectors around the globe, Jackson memorabilia enthusiasts, Sebastian Mille & Fabrice Ancellet have compiled over 500 pages ranging from music to clothing, collectables to rarities. Items have been photographed and presented from multiple angles, including catalogue numbers and locations to assist those keen to grow their own Michael Jackson merchandise collection.

The A4 paperback provides tick boxes so collectors can easily mark off which items they already possess and which items they seek. For added enjoyment, a points system is included giving the collector a number of points for each item, which when added together reveals the type of collector they are.

American sculptor, Diana Walczak, the talent behind the creation of the Michael Jackson HIStory Statue, provides the foreword for Volume 5 and aptly concludes:

“You love Michael Jackson. And you pick up this book because you already collect Michael Jackson products and promotional items, or you are just starting out on an exciting collecting journey. Either way, you NEED this book.

Volume 5 also boasts support from HIStory album engineer; Rob Hoffman & HIStory era photographer; Christophe Boulmé who provide back cover blurbs and an introduction including never-before revealed facts from Iconic Magazine editor, Pez Greaves.

Published by independent media company, Sixteen11 ‘The Ultimate Collector Book Series’ will expand across seven volumes from Off the Wall up to the Present day; sharing items from around the world with Jackson’s most hard-core collectors.

Pre order for Volume 5 begins 13th January 2015

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