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OFF THE WALL – From the Beginning, Brick by Brick
By Pez Jax

Off the Wall – From the Beginning, Brick by Brick takes you on a visual journey through the career of Michael Jackson, from his debut appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show up to and including the release of his adult debut, Off the Wall. Accompanying over 80 images are a series of historical overviews that explore Jackson’s growth from being a part of the Motown machine to shaping, creating and dancing his way to become a solo superstar with an album that redefined the music industry.

“As Michael was such a visual artist, I wanted to see more as such an iconic time period is currently being revisited” says author Pez Jax “Therefore I decided to set about filling in that gap and producing a book of unique images and detailed historical overviews.”

This book explores the idea of Jackson’s early career being representative of a physical wall, with each defining moment being another brick that builds up to Jackson leaping Off the Wall and in to the stratosphere. 

Split in to 5 chapters, the book also contains an Indepth contribution from Journalist Kate Allen.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 120 approx
ISBN: 978-0-9931780-2-3